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The Top of the South Film Festival (TSFF) is now in its tenth year. Showcasing films from around the country but with a strong local focus, the Film Festival is a fundraiser for Top of the South Filmmakers, a non-profit incorporated society that nurtures local filmmaking excellence and growth.

A thriving local network of filmmakers

Since its establishment in 2014, the society has built a thriving local network of filmmakers: directors, writers, cinematographers, sound engineers, actors, animators, producers, special effect artists, and professionals in associated creative industries of design, art, costume, and makeup.

Hundreds of locals have now had the chance to experience working in film and also to develop their own film industry career pathways.


The Film Festival is the society's premier annual event

Judged by independent industry professionals and run entirely by volunteers from the Top of the South Filmmakers and community volunteers, our two festival screenings, the Aotearoa Screening and the Gold/Silver Screenings, celebrate national and local films respectively.

Top of the South Film Festival 2024

This year's screenings will be held at Nelson's Suter Theatre (4-5 Oct. 2024), Blenheim’s Conventions Centre (12 Oct. 2024) and Motueka’s State Cinema (20 Oct. 2024).

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Tim Hawthorne

Asst. Director
Karen Scott

Technical & Finance
Vaughan Scott

Kris Cavit

Hannah Eickmeier

Aaron Falvey
Marlborough Director


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